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I started my training as a pianist, singer and writer of music at the age of 5. I continued to study classical music throughout my youth and graduated from Stellenbosch University with a degree in BA music Technology and english.

Since then I have been actively involved in numerous creative projects in collaboration with artists from a variety of disciplines such as live painting, dance, animation and film. Furthermore, I myself have applied my own knowledge of video editing, stage construction, illustration, art directing and cinematography to personal music projects and works.

The information that follows in this online CV attempts to serve as motivation to partake in programs that exist to either fund, support or encourage a project revolving around issues relating to the current climate we as a planet and we as a species find ourselves in.

I am passionate about creating a collaborative multimedia performance with my partner, Mia Truter, to shed light on numerous subjects that both unite and divide us .

Subjects around change.

Change that takes place regardless

of our acknowledgement of it...

and change that needs to take place

and that needs urgent acknowledgement.

Around gender, sex, and race,

around our planet and role on it.

For to be given a platform to create and perform,

is to be given a responsibility, to raise awareness, to enlighten, to inspire and to give the audience a moment that might make all the moments that follow a little more significant.


of past projects

2010 - 2013

BA Music Tech:

Graduated from Stellenbosch conservatorium with a degree in BA music tech, english, and singing as main instrument

Started work as professional performer and songwriter for three music groups and start the release and edtiting of experimental music videos.


Verskroeide aarde
AFDA final year film
Conceptualized, Constructed and performed on "The Pyromanic Stage" for AFRIKABURN Festival.
First ever live performance stage at the festival.


Darkroom Contemporary
dance company collaboration

Project "SWARM" at City Hall, Cape Town

2013, 2014 and 2015

Build and performance of

structure and canvas for AFRIKABURN 

with Artist Anthea Delmotte.



Reside in Groningen, Holland, for 3 months getting to know the popular music scene of that region.

Release of MATININO's first album and music video Ces't La VI


"FLOW" video project for City Varsity with dancer, illustrator and myself on piano and vocals.

"Fantasy of Flight" event at Spring Arts Festival, Tulbagh.



photo project
Collaboration performance with Dancer Kimberley Burger and artist Sonya.
music video trilogy

"UNFINISHED vol. 3" improv. collaboration with DARKROOM CONTEMPORARY dance company at Young Blood Gallery.

Score for "SKOON", award winning SILWERSKERMFEES short film

2018 <

Game Score
"FREJA and the False Prophecy"


Score for World Wildlife Fund animated advertisement





DARKROOM CONTEMPORARY Dance Theatre exists as a vehicle to reimagine dance as art form within the current contemporary society.

With innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration at its core, the company produces works which delight, excite, engage and inspire.

I have collaborated on two seperate live productions within this company. In 2013: SWARM (see next slide) and in 2017: UNFINISHED (second slide)


SA female empowerment

photo compilation project

"Woman" is a song I wrote in protest to female abuse and belittlement. For the online lyric video I requested 100 photos of numerous women across the Western Cape of South Africa. Within a month I compiled these images into a lyric video and released it at the end of WOMANS MONTH in SOUTH AFRICA.


live dance and paint performance

(JOURNAL OF SA ARTS) - see slide 2

An Anthea Delmotte project, Trance-state painting is an art experiment which explores painting and the result thereof in a mode of trance. The aim is to see what each work looks like and also if there is a consistent line through the body of works as a  whole. Also the affect of different music on works.  As a norm conscience, focus, concentration, strategic application, knowledge, concept about each work, principles of art, etc is used to create works of art.

With trance-state painting impulse, spontaneity and deviation from control of the outcome and only  achieving the state is the objection. ( lack of ego)

Trance is achieved through natural methods by using different techniques  and elements like meditative, flow, rhythm, music and dance.

The project has been going since 2013.

My contribution to the project consists of a live performance where myself and the dancer (Anthea Delmotte) enters into a trance/flow which merges the three disciplines present in the show; Dance, Painting and Music.

We have travelled to numerous venues and festivals to perform this phenomenon. for two years in a row we travelled to AFRIKABURN and spent a week erecting structures to use as a platform for the work. The strucure is then burnt down after 5 days of performances.


At an early age I started experimenting with Music video editing and creation. My first Music video was done under the Psuedonym "Black Saffron" and the style of my work was predominantly dark and macabre. Later as I steered myself towards a lighter form of sound I renamed myself Matinino.

MATININO: C'est La Vie

Black Saffron: Bagatelle

Black Saffron: Der Dichters Brust




Working within the framework of psychological projection and contrition, the artists traverse over what it means to project (un)desirable emotions onto someone else through both movement and sound, specifically playing with the aesthetic interpretation of precipice. With these ideas in play, an air of menace may emerge; bringing us ‘extremely close to disaster.’ Within the broader context of the exhibition framework, this precipice that borders on disaster, refers to the risk that humanity faces should it lose its empathy for one another.

This risk is emulated in the initial movements of the piece where the dancer is seen gingerly exploring the edges of the performative space, echoed by the extended movements made by the visual artist.


Attempting to create ‘points of now’ (connection) through physical extensions projecting from her left hand, the visual artist is prohibited to perform this with ease by the dancer’s kinetic movements. It becomes unclear whether the connection between dancer and visual artist is indeed that of friend or foe.

As the live interaction between the performers continue to unfold across acoustic temporality, interpretation is left with the viewer.



In 2014, my music project at the time: CROAK, joined up with the local artist, Vasek Matousek, and the wine farm “Twee Jonge Gezellen”, and hosted an exhibition combined with a show. The wine farm provided Krone Borealis MCC wine and numerous delicacies and canapés , enjoyed while exploring the Vasek's work. The audience was then led down into the cellars for the performance. World renowned flutist Allesandro Gigli collaborated with CROAK to create a unique atmospheric muasical and visual experience. During the performance, Thomas Dorman (aka Dr Benway), painted a large canvas which was auctioned after the show.

View Paper


Music Video Trilogy

Synesthesia consists of three music videos that make use of kaleidoscopic imagery. This imagery is used to explore the notion of being able to "see sound" through the use of experimental visualisations (this is especially prevalent in the last video "daughter of delay").

Three themes are explored throughout the three videos, the first being water, the second, Synesthesia and the third, kaleidoscopic imagery.

All three videos were edited by myself.

1. Elvin King

2. Alive

3. Daughter of delay


2011: Verskroeide aarde (AFDA FINAL YEAR FILM)
2014: "FLOW" City Varsity 2 min. short.
2017: SKOON (Silwerskerm fees short film)
(won best editor: available on showmax)
2018: FREJA and the False prophecy GAME SCORE
          (ongoing project)

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I look forward to hearing back from you and I thank you

for reviewing my CV.

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other sites: or matinino EPK

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